Bell “Let’s Talk” Day

Today is  Bell ‘Let’s Talk’ Day.  You have probably seen this event advertised on social media, radio, and television.  This is a day to open  the dialogue on mental illness.  One of the concerns we address at Charlton Health is the issue of mental health with relation to chronic pain.  When we are in conversation with our patients this issue often arises.  It is a well-known fact that living with chronic pain predisposes a person to depression.  We recognize this and want to open the discussion.

Bell Let’s Talk Day donations are fully funded by Bell directly based on engagement by Canadians in the cause. Bell donates 5 cents to Canadian mental health programs for each of these interactions on Bell Let’s Talk Day at no extra charge to participants:

  • Every text message, mobile and long distance call made by Bell Canada and Bell Aliant customers.
  • Twitter: Every tweet using #BellLetsTalk and @Healthy_Minds
  • Facebook: Every view of the Bell Let’s Talk Day video.
  • Instagram: Every post using #BellLetsTalk and tagged @HealthyMindsCanada
  • Snapchat: Every use of the Bell Let’s Talk Snapchat geofilter

So please consider getting involved  today – raise awareness and financial support!

Learn more here.

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