Our staff of Nurses, Pharmacists, and Consulting Physicians are pleased to offer all patients with the following services. These include:

  • Smoking Cessation Counselling
  • Prescription, Non-prescription and Herbal Remedy Education and Personalized Review
  • Lifestyle Coaching regarding Diet, Exercise and Sleep
  • Referral to the national supporting organizations and their community services
  • Access to an extensive resource library
  • Linkage to local support groups


Delivery Throughout Ontario

Our team of wonderful drivers and delivery coordinators arrange for your medication to be brought directly to your door; whether it be home office or cottage.  We are there to service you.  We deliver throughout Ontario. Prior to each delivery a confirmation call is made to ensure you are well and to confirm the delivery time.  We call you before each anticipated delivery; you never have to remember to call and order your medication.

Home Infusions for Rare Diseases
Charlton Health  is pleased to provide home infusions for patients with Pompe’s Disease and Fabry’s Disease.  As treatments for these conditions require infusions every two weeks, the ability to stay at home conserves both time and energy for patients and their families. Charlton Health is proud to have provided the first home infusion for patients with Pompe’s disease in Canada. Our experienced nursing team now supports many patients at home.

Vaccination Checklist
The Charlton Centre has updated their Adult Vaccination Checklist, which has been validated by several health professionals. This document is extremely helpful for patients using medications that suppress the immune system. Vaccination questions are commonly asked by patients prior to travel, during flu season and in regards to reducing the risk of Shingles and Pneumonia. Our team is happy to assist you with all questions regarding vaccination.

Our pharmacist, Carolyn Whiskin, has discussed this in peer-reviewed journals, most recently as of December 2019. Learn more here.

Smoking Cessation Consultation
Smoking has negative effects on every aspect of the body.  It can also worsen auto-immune conditions and it can reduce the benefits of the treatments we use. In inflammatory conditions, there is also an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and therefore quitting smoking is of great importance. The pharmacists at the Charlton Centre have expertise in smoking cessation counselling and are able to prescribe smoking cessation treatments as part of their scope of practice. We also utilize the complementary services of “Smoker’s Helpline” and partner with the regional health departments and their programs.

Adherence Program
In order for treatment to have its’ maximum benefit, medication doses should not be missed. Our Clinic staff make regular phone calls to all patients to verify it is taken as prescribed. If there are circumstances preventing regular use of a medication, our staff works with your physician to help find solutions.

The Charlton Centre takes pride in being able utilize our vast experience in specialized treatments to offer education, advice, and answer questions regarding various facets of your treatment. We have an extensive patient library and will help you to investigate resources in your community. Private appointments are available at all our clinic sites along with phone interview opportunities.

Billing Co-ordination
Our staff works on your behalf to ensure the highest level of coverage for specialty medications. This may involve us contacting your employee benefit plan, the government’s special access program or the pharmaceutical manufacturer for compassionate supply. Our priority is to facilitate you getting on treatment quickly with the highest level of coverage. If your medication is changed to a different specialty agent, we continue to support you by coordinating coverage for the new treatment.

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