Charlton Health Launches Educational Video Series: Inflammatory Arthritis & Its Treatments

Charlton Health would like to wish everyone all the best of health in 2021.  We are pleased to share the following series of educational videos which we have just launched for the New Year. At a time when virtual education has become a necessity, this became an important project for us. Back in May, our pharmacist, Carolyn Whiskin had been asked to fly to Thunder Bay to present an educational program for patients. Of course, this was not possible during a pandemic and this is what sparked the production of the series.  We appreciate the Thunder Bay Rheumatology Program’s initiative and encouragement in developing this program. The series covers different aspects of both understanding types of inflammatory arthritis as well as the various treatments available.  All modules were written and presented by our clinical pharmacist Carolyn Whiskin.  We suggest you watch these in order of the modules, from 1-5.  The modules vary in length with some being close to 30 minutes, so you may want to watch these over a couple of sessions and can of course replay them at your convenience.  It is also a great series to share with family members wanting to better understand your condition.  Keep in mind that this information is only intended to supplement the advice and care you receive from your rheumatologist and healthcare team.  Simply click on the module and you will be taken directly to the video. We hope you enjoy the series. 

Module 1: What is an Autoimmune Disease?

Module 2: Differentiating Types of Inflammatory Arthritis

Module 3: Holistic and Conventional Treatments

Module 4: Advanced Therapies 

Module 5: Vaccination

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