Cinnamon… the sheep in wolves clothing?

Cinnamon has many health benefits including antioxidants, polyphenols and unique chemicals that can help regulate blood sugar in those with type 2 Diabetes by increasing uptake of glucose, improving the sensitivity of insulin in fat and muscle tissue and slowing the rate of gastric emptying thanks to cinnamaldehyde, a compound of cinnamon. There is research that indicates it might help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, decrease inflammation in arthritis and limit the hardening of arteries.

It is important to know that there are different kinds of cinnamon, which come from the bark of several species of evergreen trees of the Cinnamomum genus.  It is important to only purchase Ceylon cinnamon because of a chemical called coumarin.  Coumarin can cause liver damage in large doses.  With Cassia varieties of cinnamon, a teaspoon per day could put an average sized adult at risk pf liver damage.  Caution should be used with types of cinnamon such as Cassis cinnamon as well.

Evelyn Gilkinson is the Nurse Lead for Charlton Health Inc. Before devoting herself solely to Infusing Biologics, Gilkinson worked at Toronto General Hospital, Flinders Medical Centre (Adelaide, Australia), and the London Health Science Centre in Thoracic Step Down, neonate, pediatric and adult Intensive Care, Recovery Room, and Emergency Medicine. Evelyn has done research for The Canadian Cervical Spine Study and with the AIM Health Group. She established the first out-of Hospital Infusion Centres in London and Waterloo. For the last twelve years, Evelyn was the Nurse Supervisor for South Western Ontario for many infusion sites until joining the Charlton team in the summer of 2016.

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