Did you know about the Arthritis Health Professions Association?

Beyond the many patient associations for people living with arthritis, there are also associations for practising rheumatologists and the allied health professionals who work with them.   The Arthritis Health Professions Association includes a spectrum of healthcare professionals ranging from physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, pharmacists, social workers, nurse practitioners, and researchers. The Vision and Mission of this organization is as follows:

Vision : Optimal care and quality of life for every Canadian living with arthritis

Mission: To build and sustain a community of professionals who provide the best possible care to Canadians with arthritis through knowledge translation, engagement, and inter-professional collaboration.

This organization understands that the arthritis patient has a variety of needs that may require assistance from an array of resources. When attending meetings of this group at the recent Canadian Rheumatology Association, each healthcare provider gained a better grasp of what the other can provide. This results in better patient care, as recommendations can be made based on the understanding of how each healthcare professional fits into the bigger picture of arthritis. Members of the AHPA work alongside rheumatologists. The group provides education, research grants, awards, and other resources to its’ members.

Pharmacists at Charlton Health are proud members of the AHPA.

Janice Maretzki is a pharmacist at Charlton Health who recently attended the Canadian Rheumatology Association meeting in Montreal.

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