Moisturizing and Psoriasis

Moisturizing the skin is one of the hallmarks of psoriasis treatment. Choose a  moisturizer that is free from perfumes and is endorsed by the Canadian Dermatology Association. Multiple applications may be needed each day especially in cold dry weather.

The ideal time for applying a moisturizer is immediately after a bath or shower when the skin is just lightly patted with a towel but is still moist. This will allow the moisture to be trapped within the skin. It is important to note that although hot showers during the winter are relaxing, they can dry out your skin. When you shower you are not only washing away dirt, but also your bodies natural oils that keep your skin lubricated. Try to keep your showers to a maximum of 10 minutes long using lukewarm water to preserve your skin’s natural oils.

It may also be a good idea to have a humidifier in your house or where you work for when the weather gets cold and dry, especially during the winter months.

Carolyn Whiskin is the Pharmacy Manager for Charlton Health.  Carolyn specializes in the treatment of autoimmune diseases, pharmaceutical compounding, women’s health, pain and smoking cessation. Carolyn has won provincial and national awards for her commitment to patient care and public service.

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