New Advanced Treatment for Psoriasis Launched in Canada

In our September 2022 blog, we mentioned that a new advanced therapy for psoriasis had been launched in the United States.  It is now in Canada!  The name is very telling as to how the medication works.  “So…TYK2?” Sotyktu© (deucravacitinib) is the newest kid on the block for psoriasis and as the name implies, targets the tyrosine kinase 2 (TYK2) receptor.

TYK2 is the name given to a trigger point (called a receptor) found in many cells involved with the immune system. When the TYK2 receptor is activated, it causes signaling for the inflammatory and immune responses within our bodies. In an autoimmune condition like psoriasis, excess activation of the immune system results in unwanted inflammation in the skin. Sotyktu© blocks the activity of the TYK2 receptor, reducing the production of inflammation to decrease itch, redness, and plaque, providing better management of your psoriasis.

The approval of this treatment is fantastic news for our patients with psoriasis since it provides an oral alternative to injection-based biologic therapies. Moreover, this medication has an excellent safety profile. For those who may feel uneasy about self-injecting, speak to your dermatologist about considering Sotyktu© (deucravacitinib) as a once-daily tablet.

Maher Jibrini is a Student Pharmacist from the University of Waterloo currently doing a rotation at Charlton Health as part of his final year of studies. Maher holds a strong passion for interprofessional collaboration at all levels of healthcare and looks forward to applying his knowledge across various professions in the healthcare & pharmaceutical industry.

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