New Reminder Call Program

Charlton Health is pleased to offer  courtesy reminder calls prior to each delivery of medication or clinic appointment.  Starting in January, we will be gradually introducing an automated call system for our delivered prescriptions and for some of our clinics.  This  will allow you to confirm appointment and delivery times efficiently.
This is what you can expect:​
  • An automated phone call will be made to advise you of the date of medication delivery or clinic appointment. ​
  • If you are able to answer the call, you will be asked to press “1” to confirm the delivery/appointment date or press “2” to reschedule. ​
  • If you press “2”, one of our team will call you back to make alternate arrangements.
  • The system will make three attempts to call you and will only leave a message on the third attempt.  If there is no answer on the third try, a message will be left  with your delivery/appointment details.

We hope you find our new system helpful and efficient. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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