Opening of the Charlton Digestive Disease Centre

We are pleased to share the upcoming opening of the Charlton Digestive Disease Centre at 25 Charlton Ave. East in Hamilton. This will be an outpatient Gastroenterology clinic with a primary focus on exemplary patient experience. We have had the pleasure of working with the gastroenterologists that will be servicing the clinic. They are offering a comprehensive service of endoscopy and colonoscopy procedures, as well consultation and follow-up.

The clinic is committed to lowering the wait times that patients are experiencing with digestive health issues. If you are in need of such services, our referral form can be used by your family physician.

Any questions about the Centre and its services can be directed to Jennifer Heipel at 905-526-7002 ext 1104 or visit our website.

Jennifer Heipel has approximately 15 years of experience working as a hepatology nurse/clinical research coordinator for several gastroenterologists, hepatologists, infectious diseases and addiction specialists. She is trained in the treatment of Hepatitis B and C therapies as well as general hepatology and pre/post liver transplant follow up. Jennifer serves as Charlton Health’s full-time Hepatology Nurse and manages the Hepatology Program. She has worked and continues to work with Dr. Puglia at McMaster University and other area Gastroenterologists to develop a comprehensive, in-house Hepatology program and Hepatitis C program here at Charlton Health.

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