Psoriasis Action Month

August is Psoriasis Action Month and at Charlton, we are happy to provide advanced therapies to many people living with psoriasis and to acknowledge Psoriasis Action Month. It is important that people without psoriasis are educated to reduce misconceptions they may have about the condition.  

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that showcases its symptoms on the skin and nails. There are different types of psoriasis that are diagnosed based on the type of rash and areas the rash presents.  

Below are common misconceptions about psoriasis, clarified. 

Misconception The Truth 
“Psoriasis is contagious” Psoriasis is not contagious. It is an autoimmune disease that is caused due to unknown reasons. Some factors that might be linked to causing psoriasis include stress, smoking, specific genes, family history.  
“Psoriasis comes from poor hygiene” It is an autoimmune disease. This means the immune system is working in excess. This excess inflammation from the immune system presents on the skin. It has nothing to do with a person’s hygiene routine.   
“Psoriasis is only a skin condition” Although the main symptom of psoriasis is skin presentation, inflammation is still happening in other parts of the body. Inflammation can be in the cardiovascular system and put patients at increased risk of heart disease. Some people with psoriasis also have psoriatic arthritis, which is inflammation and stiffness in the joints. For better overall health, it is very important to get the disease under control and reduce inflammation on the skin as well as all other affected parts of the body.  

For more information about lifestyle and healthy skincare with psoriasis, please see our previous blog “Management of Psoriasis” posted on February 24, 2022. At the end of that blog are great links to resources to further educate yourself about psoriasis.  

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