Saphnelo for Lupus

Saphnelo (anifrolumab) is a one-of-a-kind therapy by AstraZeneca for the treatment of moderate to severe systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). In December of 2023, Saphnelo was approved for coverage under the Ontario Exceptional Access Program (EAP).

SLE is an autoimmune condition in which the immune system creates widespread inflammation in many parts of the body. This leads to a variety of symptoms which include rashes, fever, and pain in the joints. Saphnelo works by blocking the activity of the type 1 interferon receptor, stopping the signaling (the type 1 interferons) that would lead to inflammation. As a result, the immune system can control the inflammation, and improve symptoms and the quality of life for patients with SLE.

Saphnelo is given as an intravenous infusion over 30 minutes, every 4 weeks. Currently, it is only approved to be used in adults.

The Charlton Health team is excited to work with specialists to bring Saphnelo to our patients with lupus.

Parvinder Sahota is a clinical pharmacist and a recent graduate from the University of Toronto. He enjoys learning about the ever-evolving field of autoimmune conditions and their treatment options.  

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