The many benefits of medical marijuana

Medical marijuana can be very beneficial for a variety of conditions and is most commonly used to combat issues such as pain management, epilepsy, and more. Medical marijuana is highly regulated by Health Canada for its purity, lack of any fungal growth or other contaminants. Marijuana sold on the street is not regulated and is predominantly composed of the psychotropic agent THC. However, medical marijuana is available in different strengths with varying amounts of THC and CBD. CBD does not cause psychotropic effects and can be very effective for both pain and spasm. Treating epilepsy is one of the many uses for medical marijuana.  Edible oils and vaporized forms of medical marijuana are suggested over smoked versions commonly used recreationally.

This Sunday, a seminar will be held by the Chronic Pain Society on the use of medical marijuana and fibromyalgia. The featured speaker, Dr. Gordon Ko, has an outstanding reputation in the area of pain management. This will be a very worthwhile session to attend. A $25 donation is being excepted at the door to support the work of the society, however no one will be refused entry based on their ability to pay.

Cannabis LectureEvent Details:
What: “Medical Use of Marijuana”
When: Sunday April 9th, 2017 from 2-5PM
Where: Royal Botanical Gardens, 680 Plains Rd. W, Burlington
More Info: (905) 592-1516 or
Suggested Donation: $25

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