Pharmacy Corner – Excess Inflammation

We’re happy to share information from our Pharmacy Specialists that we know our patients will benefit from in this series called “Pharmacy Corner.” Here’s the first edition from Carolyn Whiskin, RPh, BScPhm.


Excess inflammation is an aspect of many autoimmune conditions.  There are many non-prescription products that can be very successful in reducing inflammation without causing stomach irritation or elevated blood pressure, which are known adverse effects from traditional anti-inflammatories.

Omega-3 Fish oil has been well researched to reduce inflammation while providing nourishment to the skin, brain and blood vessels.  Omega-3 fish oil contains two active ingredients; EPA and DHA.  A high EPA content is needed to reduce inflammation. The total amount of EPA and DHA taken daily should be 2000-3000mg.  Doses above 3000mg can increase blood thinning. We are happy to provide information on the many natural options for decreasing inflammation.

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